Lights are fading back to darkness. It’s ripping again a black hole in my chest. It pours sadness in my path. Yet, in the middle of this obscurity I do not feel imprisoned. I do not feel lost. I know the way forward, and as pitch dark as it may be, it does not scare me, I’ve realized I am most sane in this lightless space. Light brings me insanity, losing sight and control of and over myself and the problems ahead. For a sparkle in the night scares me as much as being in broad light rendering me visible. But in the dark, eyes do not judge, they do not undress your body and your soul, since that’s up to the fear of the unknown. In the dark I hunt and feast on your fears, I laugh and enjoy your tears. I need no light nor eyes to see your soul here. 

I rather be a shadow in the dark, than a shadow in the light where I despise your body and your mind.