Crazy? Who’s crazy?
This is just rave, What maze?
Not in rage, But in a maze of rave.
Chill down, I just want to kill,
Are you ill? I just can’t feel,
Ain’t sad? Think more of bad,
That’s his fault? Blame the whore,
For the whole? I dug my hole,
She just pushed me, You’re crazy,
Ain’t funny? I never dreamed with fairies,
Not to think about writing in diaries,
Who would have thought this became ours.
No hour left, No dreams have gone away,
This is my maze, Full of rage, Looks like a rave,
But ain’t cool, More a doom,
A condemn for the dying groom.

(The Joker III)vF. 12-01-2013-MLD