The trigger has been pulled,
All this years of lies, 
All the demons have been exercised,
Oh no you’re too scared to face your life. 

Time keeps pulling me down,
But I never surrender myself and drown,
Twist my arm and I’ll bite your neck,
Lets cheer for what’s up next.

All the pieces I’ve come to hold
Oh please may you break my heart once more?
Lament the moment
Hate those who left you aside.

You can’t get it over
When I drink your medicine
It makes me sick of you
I just can’t be sober.

My lucky old me
Sticking his head over my shoulder
I’ve got no hold over my thoughts
No one gives a damn shit.

Got bruises all over me
See me begging for mercy
Death come take the guilty
 Won’t surrender till I’m dead.

Oh baby how could you
Standing in the rain
Taking the long shot
Murderer I’ve lost my way.