You lie. You vanish. You said those words. Fool of me for believing.

Same story as years ago. I thought a let my past go. As if it chased me, he has got back to me. Why have I to fall into such disgrace. Why is this life the only one I know.

I make you fall back from my eyes. Saved in files away from my soul. I will for every second remember you, but I can stand no more this lingering feeling of pain that creates your face.

Once you said springs didn’t matter. I believed you. I’ve been trying hard to make those thoughts fly away, but I’ve been so scared about the future, I haven’t been able. Not in a billion years will It be possible for my body to numb and stop having those feelings.

Maybe we disrespected time. We thought we could fool him, but reality has caught to us. We are but strangers lost in years of feelings. Nothing is really making sense. Let’s talk.

We told ourselves to believe. We said we could trust each other, so naive of us to believe we could act all grown up, when we’re still newborns. I have this feeling that you are unaware, or maybe we’re just dead.