…Life is far gone. Same old story. You see the number growing. Blackness painted under your eyes. The same darkness that devours your mind, your thoughts. Same person. It’s never you. It’s never us. It’s me. In the middle of a sea. Full of faces, full noises. Faces with no names. Voices with no sound. Hollowness all around. I stopped chasing dreams. I run no more. I’ve accepted my fate. I walked towards death. It will come. Not now. Not today. Not tomorrow. But someday. And now, that I’m done caring, I couldn’t embrace it with with wider arms. I surrender. Not to life. But to fear. I fear death no more. I have no fear but to my cimmerian mind. My bones seek the comfort of the gloom.

I’m weak. I’ve never been weaker than now. I linger into the shadows. As topical as it might me read and seen. I have no more words. I’m no lesser man, nor greater, for knowing the truth. I’m no man. I’m no name. I’m no voice. I don’t fear losing myself. I can’t lose something I’ve never had. I can’t lose something I’ve never been. I’m but thoughts in space. I’m but dust in the world. I’m but a hole in the dark.